On Authentic, the Voice of Prophecy’s flagship television and radio program, Shawn Boonstra tackles fundamental questions of life—ones he’s heard time and again during his 30 years in public evangelism. Drawing from history, philosophy, science, and everyday experience, Shawn ultimately invites his audience to consider practical, biblical solutions to their perplexities. They’re also invited to participate in local Discover Bible Schools, connecting them with your church.

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For decades, churches have reached their communities using the Discover Bible School. Now you can share its highly successful lessons digitally via your own personalized online Bible school, free of charge! Churches and individuals can customize the look and feel of each online school, choosing which courses to offer. And our student progress portal helps you track it all—maximizing your success in follow-up and gaining decisions.

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Every week, families throughout the world tune in to Discovery Mountain to hear the faith adventures of their favorite characters that teach real-life lessons and Bible truth. Local churches have found success in reaching their communities through our Discovery Mountain-themed VBS Rescued: Safe in Jesus.

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In 2024, MindFit, our latest evangelistic bridge event will debut in venues throughout North America

For years, these events have time and again brought people through church doors. Once there, many continue attending, due to the engaging content they’ve enjoyed and the relationships they’ve established with local church members. When invited to follow-up events, series guests are eager to learn more.

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This full-message preach-it series, modeled after Pastor Shawn Boonstra’s highly successful Revelation Speaks Peace seminar, enables local church presenters to share Bible truth in a professional and powerful way.

The series features breathtaking, high-resolution graphics exclusive to the Voice of Prophecy. and a robust suite of support materials and practical guidance from our team of experienced evangelists makes it easy to plan and host a series that will effectivelyreach your community.

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